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How to Choose The Fabric for Outdoor Furniture?

How to Choose The Fabric for Outdoor Furniture?

Jun 07, 2023

Hello, this is Biscuit from Beacon Peace Outdoor Furniture.

It is my pleasure to introduce you the outdoor fabric for the cover(outdoor sofa seat cushion & back cushion)


First of all, do you know what is color fastness to light?maybe some of you don't know.

It refers to the degree of fading of fabrics under external factors (such as washing, different kinds of stains, sunlight, sweats, etc.). And the degree of staining of the dyed fabric is used to evaluate the color fastness rating.

Pls check here, here shows 1000 hours


The numbers for color fastness to light have 200hours, 400hours, 800hours, and 1000hours in normal.

Sure that the different numbers for color fastness to light correspond to different price points. 

And when our factory produces outdoor furniture, we commonly use the 1000hours, and the lifespan of fabric will last around 5-8 years.

If choose 200 hours or 400 hours,the lifespan only take 1-2years. 

So when you choose the fabric for outdoor, pls do not forget check the color fastness to light. And according to your budget to choose the best.


Some other factories may not remind you of this key point, only blindly stating that their prices are competitive and lower. This is one of the ways they control costs without knowledge.


If you have any other questions about outdoor furniture,  pls contact us freely

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