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Beacon Peace Guangzhou Office Environment Surprise Inspection

Beacon Peace Guangzhou Office Environment Surprise Inspection

May 19, 2023

Before starting work today, the administrative staff conducted a surprise inspection of the office environment. Office environment surprise inspection are a vital process that benefits everyone by ensuring that public spaces are cleaen, hygienic and safe. As individuals, we can also contribute to maintaining clean and healthy environments by practicing good hygiene habits and disposing of items. 


This surprise inspection found that the overall cleanliness is good. The tidiness of these two rows of desks has been praised and rewarded:


And there is still some places for improvement, especially in the following areas:


1.Some cables should be tied with straps, not messy,  to avoid safety hazards.


2.Some items should be moved, do not obstruct the passage.


Keeping our surroundings tidily is not just a matter of personal hygiene, but also a responsibility that we owe to the company. 

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